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Managed WiFi

Fast, secure WiFi with less time and capital investment.

Managed Wi-Fi

Easing the Burden of a 21st Century Business Imperative. Due to intense competition, stores, banks, hospitals, restaurants and branch offices are all evolving into technology-enabled hubs that are designed to help improve the customer experience and drive customer loyalty. Wi-Fi attracts, engages and retains customers; it enhances employee productivity. But, managing and securing a private Wi-Fi network while also enabling a Wi-Fi layer with a quality end user experience requires substantial attention and resources to implement and maintain.

Managed WiFi Features


Save time and money by allowing Al-Wafa to install, manage and monitor your WiFi solution


Easily create a private wireless network for your employees and a public wireless network for guests


Maximize productivity with wireless access points that feature advanced 802.11ac and 802.11n technologies


Password Protection for Private Wi-Fi SSIOs

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