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Managed DDoS Attacks

Save time and resources with industry-leading DDoS-protection

Shield Your Business Assets

DDoS attacks continue to rise in volume and sophistication every year. It’s never been more important to strengthen your network defenses and avoid potentially devastating disruptions.

DDoS Protection



Complete Protection

Receive network traffic-flow visibility, threat detection and complete mitigation for volume- and stealth-based attacks

Proven Effectiveness

Stop attacks that common security measures like firewalls, load-balancers, and intrusion protection and detection services (IPS/IDS) can’t

Simplicity and Savings

Save time and resources with an industry-leading DDoS-protection solution implemented and managed by Neustar professionals

Proactive Updates

Stay one step ahead of evolving attacks with layered protection measures that are consistently monitored and updated *According to a recent International Data Corporation (IDC) report

Which Solution is Right for You?

TaskDNS RoutingBGP Routing
Ideal ForSmaller number of hosts and websites
More complex infrastructures with larger number of hosts, IPs
BundlesDomain: 1-2,000Base: 1,000 domains, 1/24 prefix, 1 location
Clean TrafficLess than 10 Mbps up to 2 Gbps
Less than 100 Mbps up to 2 Gbps
Additional BenefitsSimplest way to reroute traffic, no special requirementsDNS redirect, 1/24 prefix (Class C subnet)

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