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Dedicated, high performance connection for data-intensive, cloud-based and mission-critical applications


SLAs that cover our entire network including the connection to your premise equipment


If you’re in our footprint, we’ll get you connected at a competitive price


Get the bandwidth you need, from 2Mbps to 10Gbps, as business evolves or demands change

Own Your Own Piece of the Internet

If your business relies on consistently fast uploads and downloads, Wafai Net Dedicated Internet service delivers. Give your business the advantage of a direct connection to the fastest, most reliable Internet service in Saudi Arabia.

Dedicated Internet

DIA Features


  • Symmetrical Traffic Flow
  • Static IP Addresses
  • Domain Name System (DNS)
  • Threat Management Service
  • 99.99% Network Availability
  • Up to 10 Gbps

DIA Benefits


  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Redundancy
  • Flexibility
  • Managed services
  • Dedicated account manager

Redundant Infrastructure Optimizes Dedicated Internet Access Performance

Wafai Net Dedicated Internet Access, highly dependable and redundant infrastructure, 24-hour network monitoring and customer support optimizes network performance. Don’t let unreliable broadband Internet connections hinder or halt your ability to conduct business. Rely on Wafai Net Dedicated Internet Access for your high-speed business Internet connections.

Product Comparison

CompareDedicated Internet AccessBusiness Internet
Speed1 Mbps – 10 Gbps25 Mbps – 200Mbps
ReliabilityDelivered fiber or Microwave PTP to Customer premise
Delivered over our hybrid fiber coax network
Symmetrical Download and Upload SpeedsYesNo
24/7 Monitoring from our state-of-the-art NOCYesYes
Consistent Speed Regardless of Location (Unlike DSL)YesYes
Dedicated account manager

DIA - Overview

Customer Reporting

We offers up-to- date and real-time reporting features through a secure web based portal.


24x7 proactive of core network

We pro-actively monitors the core network giving customers the value of consistent service surround across kingdom. Multi point of contact for fault reporting and handling.


Guaranteed speed

You won’t be sharing your connection with other customers as you may do with other suppliers, so speed stays constant, even at peak times.



as a managed service Al-Wafa Communication will include a Cisco router, unless you want to provide this yourself. Or you can supply and use your own.


Stay in control

You can manage your costs by changing bandwidth in as little as 72 hours, so you only pay for what you need. And you’ll always know exactly what you’re getting because you can check performance online.


why Choose us?

High grade hardware

High Quality hardware is specifically designed and engineered to work fast

Uptime and Reliability

We have proactive monitoring down to seconds with reactive solutions in place

Affordable Prices

We are always able offer our customers the widest range of services at the best prices

7 Days POC

To guarantee that we deliver on our promises, we provide a 7-days POC to satisfy customer before the contract.

Superior Support

We employ a staff of fully trained, friendly and professional agents that are available 24/7

Advanced Technology

Al-Wafa Communication is up to date on the most advanced and cutting edge technology

Lets Get Started Your Project Now

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business.

Get Your Connection for Business

Ensure your business has a simple, secure and flexible network that can adapt as your company grows and shifts.

Equalize Your Upload and Download Speeds

The Internet is important to the way we work today. You need a service you trust and you can rely on. It is a cost effective way to interconnect your offices and to communicate with your employees, home workers as well as customers and suppliers, wherever and whenever they want to connect to the Internet. Al-Wafa Communication gives you:

Reduced management complexity – We manage and control every component of all your Internet connections. You can remove the headaches of dealing with multiple suppliers in different locations.

Improved customer experience –  We optimized for performance. Our guaranteed bandwidth ensures your applications can perform at their best, improving customer experience, productivity and profitability.

Consistent high performance – All your offices benefit from the same high quality service. The service is un-contended (1:1) in the Al-Wafa Communication. The ordered bandwidth is fully guaranteed and always on. Wafai Net offers a comprehensive service level agreement that covers performance, availability and delivery as standard, backed up by service credits as and when appropriate.

Improving performance for cloud services – With increased use of public cloud services like Office 365 and, end user applications performance can be a challenge. Internet Connect includes an option for application acceleration to popular cloud service providers

Less time Managing IT. More time Maximizing It.

Managed Router Services

Al-Wafa Communication can support the full lifecycle of router management, from initial configuration and installation to ongoing management and support. With cost effective solutions,

Managed Connectivity

Al-Wafa Communication can craft a solution that leverages the right mix of access technologies to help today’s distributed enterprises meet their current requirements and simplify network management.

Managed Firewall

Spend more time focused on your business and less time and money safeguarding it from online security threats. Net Secure Managed Firewall is a sophisticated network-protection solution that helps ensure your data, applications and business are secure.

Managed VPN

Use Managed VPN to extend your office and productivity to wherever you go and anywhere opportunity presents. Now your entire network is easily accessible to internal and external users, securely connecting the people and resources that make your business go.

Fixed Wireless PTP

Get Faster, Faster. With installation typically in 15 days or less, Al-Wafa Communication Fixed Wireless brings you affordable, fast, secure network connectivity at speeds up to 2Gbps.
Al-Wafa Communication Fixed Wireless technology provides carrier-grade Ethernet connectivity and network diversity delivered by digital microwave technology. It’s an ideal solution for high-capacity applications in private Metro Area Networks supporting Voice, Private Line and Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). Fixed Wireless service is delivered with 100% access diversity from traditional local exchange carrier fiber routes, providing a high-speed access alternative for businesses needing more robust connectivity and a ‘fast-track’ installation and Internet access option.

Network Installation Services

Network transformation begins with efficient optimized installation, from the wiring on up.
The role of the network in enterprise success increases on a daily basis. That makes every aspect of the network experience — from optimized architecture to optimized installation – essential to organizational innovation and growth. So leave nothing to chance. Al-Wafa Communication Network Installation Services provide specialized skills and knowledge to install and configure network services, customer premises equipment (CPE), inside and outside wiring and associated devices. And with people and offices across the country, we can make things happen across your entire national geographic footprint with the speed and agility to keep your business moving at cloud speed.

Special support

Our five star supports provide all the aspects of installation, troubleshooting, service, upgrades, and maintenance for the projects we take. We are available to respond to any issues or questions you may have. Our Support Forum is at your disposal at any time.

24/7 Support

We employ a staff of fully trained, friendly and professional agents that are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have

Self Ticketing system

Generate a service request with our Technical engineer to get help, our technical support staff are available 24 x 7 for online ticketing system.

Online Chat

Chat online with a Technical Support Engineer to get help. Our technical support staff are available 24 x 7 for online chat.

Why Wafai Net?

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